Give the Call Power now

call from any software


Connect your product directly to your users smartphone. 

And in just 1-click their smartphone starts dialing, or sends a SMS. 

No USB wire / No bluetooth / No Wifi needed. Only their regular carrier w data.

Users feel ultra connected + save a lot of time.


Available on IOS + Android, the CallAPI companion gives you access to >99.6% of the smartphone’s market.

For your users/subscribers, the mobile app is : universal, totally FREE and unlimited.

You can customize with your brand+logo

iphone x callapi screen
easy fast and secure to call and send texts callapi


Give your product a REAL power, seen nowhere else yet.

Gain easily new users with those powerful extra-features.

1- User clicks on the phone n° OR « Call » Button

2-Confirmation popup appears less than 2seconds later on the smartphone*


*:Confirmation can be removed on Android


Integrate calls/sms to your SaaS product or Software is FAST, and super EASY.

CallApi comes with full documentation and examples + works in any language : 

PHP, JS, Curl, Javascript, DLL…


Need more ? Our team is available to help you.


CallApi is available worldwide


Wether you’re located in the United States, Europe, Australia, India… or wherever in the world, CallApi will dial/text correctly, respecting International Prefixes.


Our REST API gives you ability to integrate CallAPI on ANY platform, even websites.

Products like : CRM, Real Estate, Marketing (automation), in-house software, …

Web Services like : SaaS product, Classifieds, Online Courses, …

As soon as users need to call and/or text

callapi crm real estate online courses erp saas product


We want to fit to everyone. As you can have : either identified subscribers, or just websites visitors. CallAPI technology works for both, and we offer specific subscriptions regarding your real needs : Unlimited/per subscriber OR overall quantity based

PLUS : with auto-adjustment, be sure to always pay the right pay. Never more.


No more VoIP. No more Skype credits. Forget about it!

Your users can now use :

– their own mobile plan,

– their own phone number,

– smartphone’s native call+text apps

This means no Extra-cost per call for them. 

Monetizing it or not ? This is up to YOU

callapi happy users extra features